Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Love and Other Bullshit Plotlines

Watched Love and Other Drugs the other day. For 2/3 of the film it's a bog standard romantic comedy, complete with clichés such as: the charismatic womanizer lead who falls hopelessly in love with the kooky yet amazingly attractive female lead, the crazy sex obsessed comic relief character, the eccentric dysfunctional family, and the handsome dickhead rival. Ticks all the boxes then.

But in the final 1/3 it shifts gears into a sentimental disease drama and expects us to sob uncontrollably into our popcorn. WELL NO, HOLLYWOOD, I'M NOT GONNA CRY. You can't just play the disease card and presume we're all gonna bend over our cinema seats and take that emotional enema. NO. You have to earn it. Like Terminator 2 or The Lion King.

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