Sunday, 3 October 2010

World's Greatest Dad

That guy from Police Academy, and that guy from Flubber

Bobcat Goldthwait first appeared on the feature film scene with his debut movie Sleeping Dogs Lie, a film about a woman who performs oral sex on her dog. After a 5 year absence from the big screen, Bobcat is back and packing more morally ambiguous filmmaking than ever before.

World's Greatest Dad is a story about Lance Clayton (Robin Williams): failed novelist, poetry teacher, and not-so-proud father to his son, Kyle - the teenager from hell. Kyle spends all his time being rude to his father and talking about bizarre pornography with his one and only friend Andrew, until one day he accidentally hangs himself in a wanking accident. In an attempt to cover it up as a suicide, Lance pens a fake suicide note, which unintentionally gains him all the fame and praise he could ever hope for.

WARNING: This film does feature full-frontal nudity from this man.

It's certainly an attention-grabbing premise, and one that is both the film's greatest strength and weakness. The first half of the movie plays out like an average high school comedy; full of swearing, sex, and internet pornography chat. Then the film suddenly shifts gears when the main plot device kicks in, as the film starts to focus on Clayton's fantasy of achieving credibility as a writer - even if it's indirect and morally questionable. Whilst insightful and quite often hilarious, I can't help but feel the concept is stretched a little too thin, with some scenes feeling like it's repeating itself.

But on a whole World's Greatest Dad succeeds as a funny little indie comedy. And it's even nice to see Williams back on our screens, no matter how much we all hated
Bicentennial Man. I just wish they'd cut the film down by 10 minutes or so!

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