Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Due Date

It wouldn't be fair to call Due Date a rip-off, but it would be fair to say it could easily be mistaken for a remake of John Hughes' classic comedy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The comedy is a little darker, and the soundtrack is a little cooler, but all the main components are there: Odd couple are forced to take a road trip across America together. There's ups and downs, fist fights, emotional breakdowns, and hilaaaaarious misunderstandings.

If you're expecting another The Hangover, you'll be disappointed. Despite Zach Galifinakhfsfhskgbjgdfbddis playing EXACTLY the same character, the tone of the film is completely different. The Hangover was a fairly guilt-free laugh-a-minute kinda film, whereas Due Date is a little more patient and, at times, a little misdirected with it's comedy. There's a moment where Robert Downing Jr. intentionally punches a kid in the stomach, which is bound to cause some rather nervous laughter from cinema audiences.

Whilst it's not a bad film - it has it's genuinely sweet and funny moments - there's too much anger and violence. Where Todd Philips thought he might be doing 'black comedy', just comes across as a bit sadistic and hateful. Steve Martin will be rolling over in his grave [of a career].

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