Saturday, 6 November 2010

Why you should be excited about 127 Hours

After Trainspotting exploded onto the scene way back in '96, Danny Boyle's subsequent career was destined to be a disappointment. However, despite a slight blip in 2000 with The Beach, Boyle has continued to pleasantly surprise audiences and critics by consistently churning out unique genre-bending films. Particularly in recent years, Boyle's career has surpassed even that of his previous fame, with big box office hits such as (the criminally underrated) Sunshine and (the criminally overrated) Slumdog Millionaire.

Not a bad C.V.

2 years after Slumdog's success, Boyle is back with another feelgood movie, although I think this one might actually deserve it's inevitable praise. Why? Let's break it down, MC Hammer style.
  1. James Franco is the next James Dean: His pretty-boy looks might mean certain people (morons) won't take him seriously as an actor. But this boy has talent. Just watch Milk.

  2. It's based on a true story... and sticks to it: Unlike most 'based on a true story' films around these days *ahemthesocialnetworkahem*, this film at least attempts to portray the actual events.

  3. Viewers fainted during it's premier: Not technically something it should be boasting about, but it must mean the film is engrossing enough to have the audience believe in it's gruesome finale.

  4. Looks fairly similar to Into the Wild: One of my favourite movies OF ALL TIME.

  5. The trailer looks aces:

Go see it basically.

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