Thursday, 6 January 2011

94 Minutes

It was way back in November when I first mentioned my excitement for Danny Boyle's upcoming project. 2 months later and it has finally landed, and with it numerous office debates about whether you'd cut your own arm off.

The good news is that it's just as brilliant as I thought it'd be. An imaginative cross between Into the Wild and Buried (FYI I haven't seen Buried so this comparison may be bullshit), it perfectly balances tension, humour, and sentimentality. Whilst some might focus on the (unglorified) amputation, the story hinges much more on Aaron's spiritual awakening and acceptance of his situation. It is a slow and arduous journey, meaning it's not an exactly easy watch; and consequently one viewing might be enough for some viewers.

One thing remains uncertain.. did he ever go for a Number 2?

However, everything in the film falls into place and nothing is in there to falsely manufacture an emotional response (take note Love and Other Drugs). I was even inspired to go to the gym afterwards, in a feeble attempt to make the most of my working limbs.

And I salute any film that motivates me enough to exercise.

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