Sunday, 6 February 2011

Guilty Conscience Review of the Week: The Cove

Out of the numerous DVDs on my LoveFilm list, I do get tossed the occasional thought-provoking documentary (no matter how much I wish it was Jurassic Park 3). This time around it was The Cove, a documentary about a group of activists trying to uncover the truth behind a secret Dolphin poaching operation in Taijii, Japan. Leading the activists is Richard O'Barry, ex-dolphin trainer and creator of the classic 60s children's TV show, Flipper. Whilst being the driving force behind the film, he walks the thin line between heroic animal crusader and deluded hippy (Grizzly Man, anyone?).

No wonder Wildlife Activists have a bad rep.

Despite O'Barry's tendencies to appear like an absolute loon, the documentary is actually very powerful. Via some particularly effective footage of dolphins, we see how truly magnificent and intelligent (not to mention ridiculously cute!) these creatures really are - which therefore make the poaching scenes all the more shocking. It may be a little questionable to single out dolphins as the only animal to be cruelly mistreated in Japan, but once you realise how emotionally aware dolphins are it's hard not to compare them with human beings.

More information:

But to keep in with this blog's light-hearted/ignorant tone, here's a video of a dog swimming with wild dolphins:

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