Thursday, 17 February 2011

Summer 2011 Breakdown

With summer just around the corner, trailers for the forthcoming Summer Blockbusters are coming in thick and fast (thank you SuperBowl). Ok, so this year is no 2012 - with films like Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, Star Trek 2, The Wolverine all set for summer releases. But lets not waste a year of our lives swooning after films that will inevitably let us down, and look at the brightside of this year's crop.

I've highlighted 3 films that might actually be half decent.

1. X-Men: First Class

Release: June 2011
Decent because: James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender look on top form for playing the young Xavier and Magneto.
Worrying because: January Jones recently admitted the film was way behind schedule. Lets hope it's not of Apocolypse Now proportions.
Best trailer moment: Magneto Erik lifting a Submarine 50 feet in the air. Wowzers.
Trailer score: 8/10
Inevitable score: 6/10 - A rushed shooting schedule and multiple writers = not good.

2. Captain America: The First Avenger

Release: July 2011
Decent because: I secretly love Chris Evans. His good:bad film ratio is appalling, yet he still makes a film 1.7x more watchable.
Worrying because: The barrage of American patriotism that is bound to shoved down our throats. Like Spiderman 3.
Best trailer moment: Flamethrowersss. Awesommmme.
Trailer score: 7/10
Inevitable score: 7/10 - a strong premise and cast will make this a solid blockbuster.

3. Super 8

Release: June 2011
Decent because: As much as I don't want to admit it, J.J. Abrams does spin a good yarn (although I still protest Lost is the worst thing to happen to TV since Big Brother)
Worrying because: The trailers so far haven't exactly enticed me. Do we really need another War of the Worlds?
Best trailer moment: No Aliens in sight. Lets hope they're more convincing than Indy 4.
Trailer score: 6/10
Inevitable score: 8/10 - Abrams has undoubtedly got some interesting tricks up his sleeve.

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