Friday, 17 September 2010

Festival Diary - Day 1

Opening the doors to the usually vacant Cambridge Arts Picturehouse in the morning, only to find 50 or so students lounging around the bar and mezzanine. Presuming the festival had started already, I hastily ran up the stairs, where I was informed it was simply a free lecture held by ARU. What a waste of energy! Met the 6 volunteers who were all very keen and young. Feel like they're gonna look very different by the end of the festival - old and haggered like the rest of us.

(A very dark) Tony Jones gives his speech before the opening film.

It was a great start to the festival, with no obvious hiccups (apart from losing a german director in Cambridge), which has made me feel quietly confident the festival is going to do well this year. Tony Jones, the festival director, gave a very heartfelt/angry speech about the troubles the festival had encountered this year, which was greeted with much agreement and support from the Les Aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec audience. Here, here! Didn't get to watch any films, but I'm sure I'll catch some later on in the festival.

Oh, and spent the last 2 hours of my day fixing a printer. I hate PCs.

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