Monday, 20 September 2010

Festival Diary - Day 4

The days are going so fast now! Already on day 4 (also known as 'Mark Kemode' day). Along with the usual flier making (getting pretty good at these), I was assigned 2 intros today. 2! First one was ok until a German woman shouted at me for not speaking loud enough; very off putting. Then the 2nd was the reissue of From Here to Eternity which had to be my biggest crowd yet, ie. more than 30 people. I got through it with my dignity intact. A fellow intern resorted to telling 'knock knock' jokes to fill in for a delayed performance, so could have gone worse.

Mark Kemode performed with his skiffle band, then did an impromptu introduction to Cronos. But the highlight of my day, however, was helping out on the Fitzwilliam outdoor screenings, which replaced the Magdalene Street Screenings this year. It was basically a free event of silent cinema with live musical accompaniment held on the Fitzwilliam lawns. It was great. Even though I was a lowly steward I got to watch the whole thing!

Working at a film festival, you really do cherish the things you get for free.

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