Sunday, 19 September 2010

Festival Diary - Day 3

The weekends at Film Festivals are always notoriously busy and today was no exception. After battling with seperate printers, I finally had copies for our daily meeting at 12; where we were told which films needed the most plugging - all of them. So we got busy flier/poster making!

Today I was asked to do my first ever introduction to a film, which was extremely exciting. Only problem was I'd never heard of the director or the films they were showing - Roy Andersson Shorts (he's Swedish or somefink). So I did my research, then 5 minutes before the screening I was whisked off to perform in front of an astounding 20 people! I did a perfectly adequate introduction - even if I did a patronising little "hope you enjoy!" at the end. My day was then rounded off with the usual guarding a tent for 2 hours. Huzzah!

Didn't take a picture today so here's Lily Allen dressed in a panda costume.

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