Saturday, 18 September 2010

Festival Diary - Day 2

Only on our 2nd day and already the festival feels like it's in full swing, with screenings starting before I'd even gotten into the office! Everyone seems very settled into their roles and look like they know what they're doing - glad someone does. Today consisted of more writing for fliers, printing, laminating (which I find strangely satisfying), and generally running around the cinema like a headless chicken. I was lucky enough to catch my first film of the festival - Stephen Fry's Wagner and Me, which was fantastic. I must admit, being the ignoramus that I am, I've never really bothered listening to Wagner but Fry's enthusiasm is infectious!

I've recently noticed that I'm becoming approached by more filmmakers to help promote their movies. This is both flattering and terrifying. Having only dealt with promoting films via a DVD box and a brief synopsis, it's great to finally meet the filmmakers themselves and talk about how they would like to expose their films to the British press. I was even chatting to a New York filmmaker about how good the American accents were in The Wire courtesy of the British actors. I felt proud. Plus there were CAKES!!!!

How can you eat a piece of art? Quite easily apparently

My last task of the day was slightly more humbling: being asked to guard a tent in a shopping centre for 4 and a half hours. Film Festivals, eh!?

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