Monday, 7 March 2011

Hall Pass

Hot girls + perverted old men = Comedy Genius

Whilst we wait for The Hangover Part 2 to come out in May, the once Kings of Gross-Out Comedy, the Farrelly brothers (no, they're not dead), are back with another rip-roaring adventure into depravity. Now, I'm not gonna act all high and mighty, because I have enjoyed some Farrelly films of the past, most notably There's Something about Mary, Me Myself and Irene, and of course Dumb and Dumber. And whilst Hall Pass is not as good as any of those, it IS a lot better than The Heartbreak Kid and Stuck on You.

The story is simple yet broad enough to create hiiiilarious scenarios. The wives of 2 sex obsessed husbands give their other half the opportunity to have a week off from marriage (aka a 'Hall Pass'). This allows for quite a wide scope of 'comical' mishaps, from the rather forced 'lets take drugs in an unusual setting!', to the more natural 'ZOMG this girl is crazy!'. There are some jokes that barely even constitute as jokes, and act more as just surreal observations - meaning you'll be waiting for a punchline that just won't arrive.

Hash Brownies on a golf course? Woah, wacky.

Yes, it's out of touch, and yes, it's trying too hard. But there are still some lovable performances in there (especially from Jenna Fischer, Jason Sudeikis, and a gawkish Stephen Merchant), and there is even some heart - even if it's sidelined by mild sexism and vagina jokes.

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