Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The X-Men: First Class Poster Saga

So if you're keeping up to date with all the X-Men: First Class promotional posters (and lets face it, who isn't?), you'll know by now that they all suck.

First we had this travesty of a teaser. People speculated for aaaages that it was a fake, mainly because of the shoddy photoshop work.

Seriously, is this the porno version?

Then we had these slightly improved 'Erik and Charles' posters, but they still weren't up to the standard you'd expect from a major Hollywood Summer Blockbuster.

Yes, we get it, they're Magneto and Professor X.

Then earlier today came the atom bomb of all bad teaser posters:

X-Men: Attack of the Egg People

So, to prove Hollywood is full of overpaid, untalented fat cats, I thought I'd design my own poster using a very modest piece of photo editing software:

I rest my case.

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