Thursday, 3 March 2011

Joe Cornish Attacks my Block

I've liked Adam and Joe for a LONG time. I was laughing at their Trainspotting and Se7en cuddly toy skits before I'd even seen Trainspotting and Se7en. And with their recent comeback on radio via 6Music, it looks like they've even surpassed their previous 90s fame. I was then delighted (and slightly) surprised to hear Joe Cornish (yes, they have surnames) was to be writing and directing his own Comedy/Sci-Fi movie, involving some of the best minds in British comedy. But after witnessing the long awaited trailer for Attack the Block, why do I feel this idea could be a little misconceived? Watch the trailer below, then lets discuss...

What concerns me:
  • Having youths as the leads. It seems that actors like Nick Frost and Jodie Whittaker aren't actually the stars, but supporting a group of younger actors. This obviously works for a show like Misfits, but not every production is so lucky with its casting.
  • The Language. Now, I'm not gonna question Joe Cornish's knowledge of 'da street', but this film could be in real danger of becomming an utter cringe-fest if it doesn't feel authentic.
  • The Aliens. Erm...
  • Joe Cornish's experience. Despite being his first motion picture, Cornish has gone for a very ambitious concept and genre-melding (comedy/sci-fi/horror/teen). Could be messy.
But then again it does have Nick Frost. And lets not forget, Cornish is a frickin' genius:

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