Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Trailers of the Week

A look at this week's best (and worst) trailer releases...

Super 8

If you didn't see Steven Spielberg's name pop up as 'Producer', you'd be forgiven for mistaking this trailer as some sort of E.T./Close Encounters spin-off. It has all the trademark features of a traditional Spielbergo fest: child main protagonists, single parents, evil military men, ambiguously motivated Extra-Terrestrials, bicycles.

Abrams finally shines some light on his mystery project, and the results are promising to say the least. The action in particular looks pretty astonishing, with some fantastic scenes of floating rubble and exploding buildings. But much like his previous 'Monster Movie' Cloverfield, Abrams is very much keeping his cards close to his chest on the actual appearance of the creature. Lets just hope it doesn't slip into formulaic Alien Invasion territory, à la 2005's War of the Words.

Friends with Benefits

After the atrocious No Strings Attached was released last month, it seems casual sex is the next hot topic for romantic comedies these days. But despite looking like EXACTLY THE SAME MOVIE, Friends with Benefits actually looks like it could be half decent; mainly due to the undeniable chemistry between the 2 leads - Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. They are also supported by a strong cast of comedy heroes, such as Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson, and Andy Samberg.

The only thing that worries me is the inevitable decline into soppydom that has sidetracked most RomComs since the dawn of time. ATTENTION HOLLYWOOD: the couple doesn't always have to get together at the end for it to be a happy ending. Just look at 500 Days of Summer.

The Smurfs

*Groan* Hollywood pulls another cherished childhood nostalgia out of the bag and proceeds to dump all over it. From what I can induce from the trailer, the plot involves the Smurfs somehow crashlanding into our world (ahemEnchanted), but the evil wizard Gargamel (played by a heavily made up Hank Azaria) is hot on their heels.

The film luckily stars Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays, who can't help be lovable in everything they do. Plus I must admit I smirked a bit at the 'Milking it' joke. But before you start thinking this film might be any good, just think about this: I counted 6 'Smurf Puns' in this 2 minute trailer. If the film carries on at this puns:minute ratio, it will contain 270 Smurf Puns. Smurfing hell.

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